I am an Edinburgh based artist. My interests lie in how we as people inhabit the world, our interactions with each other, nature, and the built environment. I am inspired by the everyday, re-looking at the ugly and beautiful. I enjoy how unexpected moments in my present, triggered by smell or conversation, connect to my childhood. Memories colourfully vivid, or so fleeting that they are gone the next moment, leaving only a lingering feeling. They open up a bittersweet nostalgic journey which I dip into for imagery.

I am fascinated by the marks we make and leave behind, the objects we horde and throw away, and spaces we once occupied or still do. I am always looking for that moment when you make a human connection with another person or a place. These subjects are what make up the subject matter for my prints.

I am partial to patterns, typography, and textures. I am strongly influenced by narratives and often have an element of storytelling in my work. I enjoy both the technical and creative processes of print but also like exploring other media to create a desired image.

My artistic practice has been shaped by being born and having lived in India. My many travels and experiences in India still influence and inform my work among other things.

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