I am an Edinburgh based artist. My interests lie in how we as peopleinhabit the world, our interactions with each other, nature, and thebuilt environment. I am always looking for that moment of humanconnection with another person or a place. That instant when you knowyou are part of, or have witnessed, something extraordinary.

I enjoy how unexpected moments in mypresent, triggered by smell or conversation, connect to my childhood.Memories colourfully vivid, or so fleeting that they are gone thenext moment, leaving only a lingering feeling.

These subjects open up a bittersweetnostalgic journey which I dip into for imagery.

I am fascinated by the marks we makeand leave behind, the objects we horde and throw away, and spaces weonce occupied or still do. By remembering or trying to re-feel Iadd a filter of haze. A dreamlike quality which fluctuates betweenreality and what is remembered. These subjects are what inspire meand make up the subject matter for my prints.

I am strongly influenced by narrativesand often have an element of storytelling in my work. My practice isdriven by my interest in drawing and mark making. I enjoy thespontaneous nature of mark making, when it at some point in theprocess takes on a life of its own.

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